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    Collective Transformation trainers offer a wide variety of competencies and trainings. Check in our catalogue and find what suits you. Find below the schedule of our upcoming seminars:


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Custom made learning and development workshops

Our workshops programs employ teaching methods which focus on the mental, physical and emotional development of participants. Their contents are specifically tailored to the training objectives, the participants and the organizational culture. Our teaching methods are both participatory and collaborative, involving problem solving, role playing and project management. They offer motivating challenges and stimulate participants to invest in their training.

Our expertise extends beyond training: we promote the exchange of expertise between our trainers and your organization because we believe that the close collaboration between these two parties is key to the success of your training projects. Through the development of these synergies, we ensure that participants become masters of their success and be able to directly apply their new skills.

Collective Transformation is a Belgian freelance trainer community focused on the application of innovative workshops solutions.

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Our Mission

  • Support Human Resources in the management and improvement of training.
  • Promote the well-being of employees by fostering intergenerational exchange and team spirit.
  • Increase business performance while allowing for the personal development of its employees.
  • Accompany individuals in the development of the competences that they wish to acquire: aim for autonomy by revealing the latent potential.
  • Transmit the best practices in terms of adult pedagogy, management tools and techniques, communication and personal development.

If you are looking to train your people as managers or leaders, we can provide a customized workshop programme to teach them the skills, behaviours and tools needed to progress within your company.

Our interactive workshop range

People Managment     Communication          Sales & Marketing       Social Media

People Management   Communication    Sales & Marketing   Social Media


Project Management        Test & Analysis             Strategy                   IT skills

Project Management  Test & Analyses   Strategy    IT


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