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Project Management Essentials

Project Management 

Project Management


This 2 days course brings to the target audience all the essentials to understand and use the fundamentals of project management. 

Through exercises, workshops and case studies, the participants immediately apply the theory, the techniques and the tips that are presented.

The applicants will learn to:

  • Focus on the importance of working with a project based approach and learn PMI methodology

  • Focus on the importance of project management, which deliver quality results, on-time and within budget

  • Understand and use the terminology of project management concepts

  • Write a project charter and have all required knowledge for building a high quality project plan

  • Apply techniques, methods and tools required for planning processes, as well as monitoring and control of the activities of the project

  • Organize and ensure proper coordination between the various requirements and actions

  • Identify, evaluate and manage risks and issues in order to propose the accurate solutions

  • Support participants to systematically monitor the progress of the project with the appropriate performance indicators

  • Assure the close out of the project effectively


1 - Skill for success – Introduction to effective Project Management:

  • Failures and success
  • What is a project?
  • What is project management?
  • Project management framework
    • Global context
    • Processes
    • Practices
    • The PMBOK, the PMI, Prince 2 – The references

2 - Project KickOff

  • Creating a successful project
  • Initiating processes
  • Statement of work & business case
  • From the S.O.W. to the Project Charter
  • Creating a good Project Charter
  • Pre kick-off meeting

3 - Project Planning

  • Planning processes
  • The Project Management Plan
    • Scope definition
    • The Work Breakdown Structure
    • Risk Management
    • Scheduling
    • Cost estimating
    • Organizational planning
    • Communication plan
    • Quality plan

4 - Run your project plan

  • Execution processes
  • Preparing for execution
  • What is a team
  • High performance project team
  • Functional and team roles
  • Different role analysis models

5 - Monitor & Control your project progress

  • Control processes
  • Change management
  • Scope verification
  • Performance management
  • Risk management
  • Communication management

6 - Close your project successfully

  • Closing processes
  • Minimum closing activities

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