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Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management

The concept of risk is, so to speak, embedded in the definition of the word “project”. A project is by definition uncertain, uncertainty creates risks, and risks can endanger your project.

Risk management is a well-known practice in some industries. But Navigha consulting experience shows that in many sectors, risk management is reduced to fill a risk log at the beginning of the project without effective follow-up.

From basic to more advanced risk assessment methods, you will find in this training a panel of tools and techniques to manage the risks on your projects.


This training is intended to an audience with experience in project management. We strongly recommend you to follow project management training before attending to this course.


  1. Introduction to Project Risk Management

  2. Project Risk Management

  3. Risk Management Planning

  4. Risk Identification

  5. Project Risk Assessment

  6. Risk Response Planning

  7. Risk Monitoring and Control

  8. Continuous Improvement

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