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iPad for professionals (EN)

Use your iPad professionally during meetings and conferences

Duration, language:

Half day course, four hours during the afternoon or evening. Either in English or Dutch.


Apple’s iPad is a powerful device, conceived primarily for media consumption. However, more and more companies start to distribute iPads among their employees. They are great tools to follow up on e-mails and manage your calendar. But those are not the strongest points of this great tablet. Especially during meetings and conferences, the iPad can be a life-saving instrument when it comes to annotate directly onto PDF’s and taking notes. This workshop shows you how to turn your iPad into a tool you can’t miss anymore.

Target audience:

This workshop is ideal for people who wonder how to turn the iPad from an expensive toy into a valuable productive tool, that is going to save them lots of time and effort.


  • Understanding the real professional potential of the iPad.
  • Getting to know the basics of note taking on the iPad.
  • Exploring the unexpected possibilities of rich notes with pictures, sketches and/or sound.
  • Avoiding time consuming processing of meeting notes.
  • Taking advantage of annotating directly on PDF documents.
  • Becoming more productive by using the iPad in a professional way.


The training is a hands-on workshop that will guide you in how to use your iPad productively. The screen of the instructor’s iPad is projected to show the step-by-step procedures.


  • A short introduction on the iPad and Apple’s ecosystem.
  • Understanding file management on iOS. Where are my files and how do I get them on and off the iPad?
  • Connecting locally, on the cloud and on a server to manage files.
  • GoodReader, the ultimate reader app on the iPad.
  • Work directly on PDF files. Discover the best way to annotate your remarks, highlights, action points, etc...
  • Evernote, the most advanced way to take rich notes.
  • Never forget anymore by adding pictures, sketches and/or soundfiles to your notes.
  • Organise and synchronise your notes.


A maximum of ten participants per session is allowed. The classroom must be equipped with the secured Wi-Fi network and a beamer with a HDMI input.

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