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Microsoft Project: Reach the next level


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Microsoft Project

Reach the next level   - 2 days

In most MS Project courses you’ll only learn about the software functionalities and you’ll continue to struggle afterwards when using it.

This course starts from the other perspective: you’ll begin with your own project environment in mind and you’ll learn how to put MS Project at your service to plan, schedule, track and manage your complex projects.

Through several workshops of sample projects, you’ll practice how to construct a solid and workable plan in MS Project. You’ll become familiar with the best practices of planning and how to translate this into MS Project. You’ll learn to work with baselines and reports to master the logic of this powerful software tool.


You should follow this course if:

  • You are involved with scheduling, tracking, planning or reporting in a project environment or in any business area
  • You have used MS Project already, but you are unsure how to really make it work for you


1 - Introduction

2 - Initiate & Plan a project

  • How to develop a project plan
  • How to develop a project schedule
  • Workshop: constructing a WBS in MS Project
  • The do’s and don’ts’s of good planning:
    • Challenges in estimating workload
    • PERT-analysis
    • “Effort driven” logics with exercises
    • Starting with milestones & deadlines
    • Sequencing activities & recurring tasks
    • Critical path and critical chain
    • Using constraints
    • Lag and lead time
    • Calendars
    • Baseline
    • Tracking

3 - Resource planning

  • Working with “units”
  • Assigning & leveling resources

4 - Cost planning

  • Types of cost (work, material)
  • Earned value management

5 - Control a project

  • Track the progress
  • Handling change requests
  • Reporting
  • Adapt plan/schedule

6 - Close a project

  • Closing report
  • Lessons learned

7 - Managing projects in a multi-project environment

  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Resource pool
  • Bad multitasking
  • Theory of constraints

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